Viking Character in Blender3D

For my thesis I developed a video game demo based on Viking culture with a low poly mesh style. It was my first time in this field and I was satisfied enough about the final result, from mesh to animation and Unity3D implementation.

I was inspired by a World of Warcraft’s character and I tried to make it look as much as possible to the WoW’s model, trying however to give it different proportions. This was my first Character in Blender, I decided to give him matte color without using textures, but only by using materials. In order to rig the character I followed a simple workshop and after that I made a walking cycle trying to make it as realistic as possible.

After I had completed the character and the other mesh I imported everything on Unity and created a little environment. Later I implemented the animations and script to allow the character to move within the space and wrote another script to allow the camera to follow the player's movements.

See the full project on ArtStation.


Character and clothes creation.

Character rig.

Weight paint and walking cycle animation.